The journey to Kefalonia begins firstly with its beaches; they are by their own unique attractions. Do not just stick to the well known beaches of Myrtos (is included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world), Makris Gialos or Xi, you will discover another not so well known but equally wonderful Kefalonia.

In Kefalonia you will find many Caves and Lakes, such as the Lake of Melissani, a distinct geological attraction and the Drogarati Cave which will impress you with the remarkable limestone formations. Of equal interest are other caves on the island, such as Agkalaki, St. Theodora’s Cave, Zervati, the Cave of Saccos and other, while the Sinks in Kefalonia is one of the unique geological phenomenon you can visit in your holidays.

While visiting Kefalonia Ainos should not be missed. The National Park of Ainos in height of 1300-1500 m. hosts several rare species of flora and fauna. Most famous among them, the Abies Cephalonica, a species of fir tree which is not mixed with other firs, only in Kefalonia growing in an area of nearly 2000 hectares, and of course the wild horses, also described as the semi-wild Ainos ponies.

You should sight the castles of Kefalonia. St George’s Castle, as it was the capital of the island and the Castle of Assos; both will reveal the history of the Venetian era. The Lighthouse of St. Theodore, one of the city's modern historical monuments and the Devosetou Bridge, which connects the city to the other end of Argostoli, both works of English dated back to the early 19th century. These are a few of the architectural monuments that have survived and rebuilt after the 1953 earthquake.

The Tombs of Mazarakata is one of the most important historical sites on the island, a great sample of the ancient Greek civilization. It is the largest cemetery in the Mycenaean period whose ruins attest to the era of Mycenaean civilization flourished in this region, looted rectangular dug graves found along with tributes that accompanied them. Many of the important finds can be observed in the archaeological museum in Kefalonia.

In Argostoli you can visit the Archeological and the Folklore museums. In the first museum you will see findings from the beginning of Kefalonian civilization, while in the second you will enjoy sights of unique folklore creations.

There are two well known monasteries in the island. The St. Andrew Monastery, with its Byzantine Museum and the Monastery of St. Gerasimos, dedicated to the patron Saint of the island. The rest monasteries are worth visiting as well; we suggest not missing the Monastery of Kipouria in Lixouri, you will blear from the beauty of the scenery.

Maybe the best way to discover the beauties of the island, beyond the tour in the attractions is by doing sports. Scuba diving, boating and sailing, windsurfing, sea kayak, Jet Ski and boat trips are just some of the choices you have for adding adventure and variety in your holidays. The mountain biking, and paragliding, is some other activities you might want to participate. Horseback riding is a special activity taking place in Ainos Mountain, Lixouri, Sami, Omala and Lourdata, while there are clear prospects for further development of this kind of tourism.

The shooting and hunting during hunting season or in specially designed 'farms' which meet all legal requirements as widespread activities too.

Finally, you can taste traditional dishes at selected restaurants, such as several kinds of pie (cod pie, meet pie, cheese pie etc.), local vegetable dishes as well as variety of seafood and other delicacies. The island is known for its traditional products like Robola (local wine), mantoles (local sweet), olive oil, feta cheese etc.


In Kefalonia a range of events in arts, culture and sports take place throughout the year. They attract people of all ages and temperament.


In the island of Kefalonia you will never get bored. You can visit the amazing beaches, the mountain, caves, museums, monuments and monasteries and of course practice all kinds of sports.


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